Our First Snow Day

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February 15, 2021

I remember thinking to myself as we approached our first Christmas as a newlywed couple back in 2019, will we ever experience a snow day here in north Texas!? Since snow in Texas is a rare thing and out of all the things to think about, I was thinking about being snowed in with my guy (insert laugh). I mean, come on, a white Christmas cuddled up with my husband, sounds dreamy to me. 🙂 


No snow in 2019 but fast forward to now, and we are currently having our first snow day together. 

The power and internet (WiFi) service have been spotty all day but we are still happy. Enjoying this moment together. We quickly made dinner during the 45 minutes of power we had and as we started to eat, boom the lights went out 😂! I have to admit even though it had been happening all day this time it caught me off guard, maybe because it was dark outside so this time, unlike the times before it was pitch black. We’re surviving and reading. We have a flashlight, candle, and snacks! 

I might not have got a white Christmas cuddled up snowed in with my guy, but I got a snowy Valentine’s Day weekend with snow that we’ll never forgot, snowed in with him instead. 🙂 I shared with you guys on Instagram that I was going to see if I could get my husband to take some snow pictures with me and like a champ, he agreed to embrace the cold for his photography loving wife. So, we also now have these photos to remember this moment! Hope you guys are having fun and staying safe! 

Love always, 


  1. Jeanette Williams says:

    You are such a beautiful couple!!!! May you always enjoy each other company and stay as loving as you are. So many times couples allow people to get in their way of happiness!!! After 47 years of marriage. I can truly say the best is yet to come!!! Keeping God first!!!!Getting to know each other and keeping communications lines open and loving one another is what makes a good marriage

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