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February 3, 2022


I remember Tammy being really excited to share this moment with her daughters. She kept telling me, “I really want to have pictures with my daughters”, I said, “let’s make it happen!”. So, we did.

I met Tammy at my day job while working in Plainview Tx! She was always kind, helpful, and easy to talk to. Tammy and I connected during long shifts at work because like me she was a hard worker and loved to work over time. We would sometimes work from 7am-8pm. Yes, voluntarily. She would always talk to me about her beautiful daughters and she would often end up working a lot more than me because she had multiple jobs. It was very important to her to make sure that her kids had everything they needed.

I loved that Tammy would always drink energy drinks or the pretty, colorful teas from Tea2Go. She always had pretty, decorated cups that she would drink out of. I even started going to get the colorful teas because I would see her with them! Haha! They are yummy!

November 1st, 2020, I was in Plainview and would be driving through the town she lived in on my way back to Dallas. That same weekend I photographed a wedding and two other family sessions. I shared with Tammy that I would be going her way and she immediately booked a session with me.

Tammy, and her daughters, Kaylea and Emalea met with me at a pumpkin patch in Floydada for an early sunrise session at 8:15am. Kaylea and Emalea really wanted pumpkins in the photos to fit the fall themed shoot they had envisioned.

Tammy was so excited to have this experience with her daughters. She even asked if I could get a photo of them both sitting on her lap. And we did. See the last photo below. They laughed until their eyes filled with tears, held hands, and hugged throughout our time together. It was amazing. They had a strong bond. You could just tell by the way they interacted that they loved each other dearly.

Tammy passed away last month. January 5th, 2022. After fighting a long battle of almost four years with cancer. She will be missed.

Her daughters will have these photos to cherish for the rest of their lives. They’ll remember the experience they had with their mom. They’ll remember how much she loved them every time they look back at their photos. They’ll remember sitting on their moms lap, laughing and holding her hands. They’ll remember being happy with her.

This is why I do what I do. To help create an experience that will leave families with lasting memories from joyful times in their lives. An experience that documents the story of who they are and the love they share. That will be carried on as a tangible part of their families legacy for many generations.

Kaylea and Emalea, your mom loved you very much! She talked about you all the time. Her legacy will live on through the both of you. She was so proud of you both. You are strong because she was strong. She was a fighter, who fought everyday. You both meant the world to her. She fought for you. May these memories last you a lifetime and many more.

Thanks for reading,
Charity Simmons

Kaylea and Emalea both had birthdays coming up so they brought balloons to their session.

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