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January 15, 2022

Do I need two photographers?

You might see the option for a second shooter on your proposal when searching for a wedding photographer, and for very good reasons! There are many helpful benefits of having a second photographer on your wedding day. In this blog post, I will share my top eight reasons why I believe having a second shooter is beneficial.

Benefits of having a second shooter.

There are many decisions to make on your wedding day and photography is one of the biggest. A question I get often is, “Do I need a second photographer?” And the truth is, you might need one!

What is a second shooter for a wedding?

A ‘second shooter’ is a skilled, professional second photographer who works alongside your primary wedding photographer on the day of your wedding. They help capture your day by photographing different angles, separate locations, also assisting with the overall logistics of your wedding day photography.


  • Shoots from different angles, maximizing photo coverage, giving you a bigger variety of photos.
  • Able to photograph the bride and groom with their wedding parties as they get ready for the day. This allows your primary photographer to focus on shooting the beautiful details of your wedding day. Dress, shoes, venue, styling beautiful flat lays etc.
  • Primary photographer has a backup that can help by keeping up with the scheduled events per your wedding day timeline while also ensuring that we don’t forget to photograph the shots that are important to you. I like to provide my second shooters with a shot list per what’s important to you so we’re on the same page with what’s needed.
  • The second shooter covers the cocktail hour and reception while the primary photographer shoots couple portraits. This is extremely helpful when there is no first look before the wedding ceremony.
  • A second photographer adds creativity to your final gallery of images by bringing his/her own unique perspective.
  • Family formals take less time, getting couple to their reception sooner. This is helpful for bigger families.
  • The second shooter helps with difficult shots, holding lights, ladders and carrying extra gear.
  • Two photographers give you more images than one photographer would.


  • Different angles – During the ceremony and first look, one photographer can focus on the grooms reaction while the other focuses on you walking down the aisle. One photographer can focus on epic wide shots from the back and the other on emotional, intimate shots from the front. During your reception, one might be shooting party dancing while another can be capturing fun group shots and candids.
  • Getting ready – Two photographers allow for one to be with the bride and the other with the groom. If the bride and groom are getting ready at two separate locations then it might be a good idea to have a second photographer.
  • Having a backup – I always have two cameras just in case something happens to my main camera. Having a second shooter is having a backup for me! For example, there are times when I might need to get a drink of water, use the restroom, change memory cards or batteries, you’ll still have coverage.
  • The second shooter can start photographing cocktail hour and the reception – After the family formals. If you have 75 – 100, or more guest, the second shooter can head over to the party and start capturing some group shots and candids. This is helpful if your reception is at a separate location from the ceremony!
  • I’m able to focus on more creative shots when I have an extra set of hands. This is also helpful for creating those ‘EPIC’ shots that we love. They help hold lights at the right angles, help me hang the wedding dress in places I couldn’t reach on my own, stabilize the chair or ladder I’m standing on to get certain creative shots, help with fluffing your dress, holding umbrellas on rainy days.
  • One of my favorite things they help me with is the schedule. On the day of your wedding you might find yourself concerned with how we’re doing on time and if your schedule is flowing. I haven’t met a bride who isn’t. This is especially helpful when there is no wedding planner or day of wedding coordinator. A wedding venue coordinator and a day of wedding coordinator have completely different roles. I’ll explain that In another blog post because it’s often confused.
  • Two photographers shooting your wedding will provide more images than one would.


I completely understand budgeting, but prioritizing your photography in your budget is something you won’t regret!

Remember, your photography and videography are among the very few things you’ll keep after the wedding to remember the day!
‘It goes by fast!’

If you’re still unsure, I’m happy to jump on a call with you! You can share your vision and together we can come up with the best recommendation for your dream wedding!


Solo Wedding Photographer

  • You’re planning an elopement or an intimate wedding in a small space. With two photographers, we would just get in each other’s way! 🙂
  • You have a really small guest list and wedding party. I’m capable of rounding up immediate family for your family formals on my own. But if you have over 150 guest, 75 cousins, 20 bridesmaids, I WILL need a little help! 😉
  • Everything is happening at one location. The bride and groom are getting ready on the same site as the ceremony and reception. I confidently shoot a lot of weddings by myself with 13+ years of experience. I use two cameras and I have a system that works. 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading!

– Charity Simmons

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