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November 27, 2022

Marriage is so much sweeter than I ever imagined or prayed it would be. A few years before meeting Brian I started intentionally writing in a journal that I would one day give to my future husband—‘Dear future husband journal’ is what I referred to it as. I wrote all about the kind of man I thought I needed and wanted, things I liked and didn’t like. I even wrote about challenging days and how I dealt with what I was experiencing.

So much has changed since the day we said I do and looking back at our wedding photos brings all the feelings back from our BEST DAY ever. The past few years have been busy, fun, lots of traveling, making memories, date nights at home, we purchased a home, many days of love, and some not-so-loving days when dealing with hard things in life but we have continued to persevere together. I love that last part.

On our three-year wedding anniversary, we celebrated us. We danced to our wedding song, I cried, we had a nice breakfast together and enjoyed our special day. I’m especially grateful for the love we share, the genuine friendship, and our deep connection that is growing in ways that I never imagined. 

Love you, Honey!

Happy 3-year wedding anniversary! 

Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from our wedding day!

P.S. You’ll never regret the decision to invest in wedding day photography and videography.

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